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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  April 13, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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neighborhoods. we have a frost advisory that includes frederick, montgomery county, loudoun, fauquier. and the freeze warning, allegheny, highland, grant, mineral counties all involved in that. temperatures below the 30- degree mark. so here is where you have to take heed and cover up the sensitive vegetation out there. 37 at dulles. 43 at marshall. we have sunshine headed your way today and that is my good news. light winds as well. we are headed to the mid-60s. it will be just unbelievable. temperatures right now in the mid 60-degree area are actually anywhere from about two to three degrees just off the mark of where we should be. guess where we're headed for the weekend, anywhere from 10 to 20 plus degrees above that seasonal average. that is my present for the weekend. for those of you who are ending this week, there are some of us
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who are starting it. >> that is still some good news. >> weekend weather warriors. >> thank you, gwen. >> time now to talk to julie wright. good morning. no problems reported early this morning. traffic volume flowing freely as you work your way northbound along 395. nothing across the 14th street bridge. both the express lanes and the main lines. all business as usual and no problems to report on the beltway traveling between annandale and merrifield. southbound 270 with the double nickette headed past mva through rockville. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. now to developments in north korea where rocket scientists are trying to figure out what happened, what went wrong with last night's rocket lawn. it disintegrated and fell into the yellow sea 130 miles west of seoul, south creigh a at the
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united nations this morning, diplomats are meeting in an emergency session. the white house says, quote, despite the failure of the attempted missile launch, north creigh's provocative actions threatens regional security and violates international law. some speculate north korea will conduct a nuclear test next. r and another big story this morning. a wake-up call that some parents in fairfax county hope to change. >> they want the school board to push back the start time for high school students. melanie alnwick is live at marshall high school in falls church with the details. >> reporter: good morning. that alarm clock shoulding going off any minute now if it hasn't already for a lot of parents and students and teachers who work in fairfax county public schools. the schools in most cases in fairfax county start around 7:20 in the morning. bus pickup time are often before 6:00 in the morning and parents are saying it is just not giving their students enough time to get the sleep
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they need. it has been about 10 years now they've been pushing the fairfax county school board to move those start times back a little bit further, let the gids get a little bit more sleep and now it appears the school board is willing to listen. board members did reject a similar proposal in 2009 saying that reranging the schedules an adding buses would simply cost too much. another plan was also rejected because another group of parents and students said the time change would cause chaos with other family and activity schedules. but the board last night heard from parents, students, health professionals and educators and they voted 10-2 to begin looking into what it would take to push high school classes back so that they would start after 8:00 a.m. >> it's positive step. it is looking at data to figure out how we can make it work. and until we have that information, until the school board is examining it and considering all of the options, we can't move forward. >> reporter: the school board has six new members on it who support the proposal but that
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doesn't mean that the change is a lock. now, superintendent jack dale will have to begin a study of the other school systems in the area and also around the country that have those later start times and he is going to have to report to the board in june. locally, arlington county recently pushed its start time back. this is in 2001. now, they begin at 8:15. loudoun county schools don't begin until 9:00 in the morning. they are getting a little bit of extra sleep over there. back to you guys. >> thank you. three men from two different virginia gangs involved in two separate sex trafficking cases are pleading guilty. federal prosecutors say all three men admitted to recruiting high school aged girl into prostitution. they say gangs are turning to teenaged sex trafficking to make money. the feds are calling to a growing trend claiming that gangs see prostitution as low- risk, high reward ways to get cash. one of those who pled guilty yesterday faces life in prison.
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another two are hoping for lesser sentences in return for cooperation. d.c. police want to talk to this man. investigators say he is a person of interest in a sexual assault that happened in southeast wednesday night t happened on 21st street. police say the woman was family and sexually assaulted. if you recognize the suspect, they are asking you to call police. an update now on the meth bust that we first reported yesterday. d.c. police were executing a search warrant at the apartment on summitt place in northwest and that when is they found a woman thought to be the fiancee and a small baby of hugh elsberry iii. investigators charged him with selling cocaine and also discovered chemicals used in making meth. hazmat crews set i'm tent outside to deal with them. police haven't filed any charges related to the meth lab. several people would live in that virginia beach apartment hit by the navy jet were allowed back into their homes to collect their belongings.
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fire officials escorted them in yesterday and dozens of other residents however could not go in because their homes were so badly damaged. the fa-18 hit the mayfair mews friday. no bail request for george zimmerman. the volunteer neighborhood watch man who admits to shooting and killing trayvon martin made his first court appearance in florida. the lawyer did not ask for bond in the four-minute appearance. the second degree murder charge has brought some calm to the case and zimmerman's lawyer says he will not turn to mud slinging. >> we are not going to be talking about using words against the mother of a deceased child. >> i believe in the judicial system and i believe that he can get a fair trial. >> day by day, things will be leaked or rumors are going to go and it will get right back up to where it was and everybody will have an opinion
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about the case for a long time. coming up next a police chief killed may drug bust. >> and a fiery scene at another standoff. we'll have the latest on both as we check more headlines. stay with us. çzo%
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a police standoff continues. new this morning, a new hampshire police chief is dead. four other officers wounded during a drug bust turned shootout turned standoff. they are in the hospital and the man remains holed up in the home with a woman hostage. i mayhem unfolded in the small town of greenland when the police tried to serve a warrant but the suspect opened fire killing the chief would who was retiring in just two weeks. a fire broke out late last night at the apartment building where police believe a suspect is holed up in modesto, california. it remains unclear what sparked the blaze. follows a shoot outbetween the suspect and the officers. this after authorities say they tried to serve the map with an eviction notice. more than 100 officers reported to the scene with fbi and s.w.a.t. teams surrounding the building. to syria now. a shaky cease-fire continues to hold this morning but activists
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say syrian troops are clashing with rebels near the border with turkey. it is the first serious violation of the truce that went into effect yesterday. later today, mass protests are expected after friday prayers and at the united nations, the security council is voting this morning to send 30 monitors to the nation of syria. the stars were out last night at the newly rep vatted howard theater. we'll take you there coming up next. changes could be on the way for the d.c. skyline but could it turn into a bad thing? details of this debate. >> we've got nice weather on tap for you as far as today is concerned and it gets better as we head through into the weekend. we'll have your full forecast just ahead. fox 5 morning news will be back after the break. 
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yeah. all right. who is that, al jarreau. >> all right. >> yeah. >> just some of the performers at the newly reopened howard theater. for the first time in 30 years, d.c.'s historic theater opened after a $29 million renovation. that happened last night. >> the theater is over 100 years old but closed in 1980. >> george duke behind them
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there. i cannot remember the legend's name to the left of al jarreau. i will find that out. >> i know the face. i just can't think of the name. james ingram was there, dionne warwick, smoky robinson, barry gordy. >> martha reeves. >> called name that legend. >> how d.c. used to be. >> right. >> you know, back in the day. i love it. >> yes, very nice. >> let's talk about how d.c. is today. >> today, a little chilly this horning in some of our neighborhoods but we've got sunshine on tap this afternoon and the mercury is on the rise. that is the good news. let's take a look. we do have a frost advisory and a frost warning in effect. that frost advisory including frederick county, montgomery county, loudoun as well as fauquier and the freeze warning includes allegheny, highland, pendleton, grant, hardy counties. these are in effect until 9:00 this morning. make sure you protect them. i know we've had 08-degree days
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and now wear down to freeze and frost warnings. 37 at gaithersburg. 40 at thurgood marshall at baltimore. 50 in quantico. 39 at hagerstown. 47 at d.c. so quite a variance from the 50 at quantico to the 37 degrees in cumberland and 39 degrees in hagerstown. pretty good example of what we're dealing with this morning. a few clouds across the area. ridge of high pressure building in. it will slide its way off the coast into the course of later on today and that will bring us no shortage of sunshine. that is at least some good news. today we are talking sunny skies. wind are going to be light. it will be mild, 65 degrees overall we are going. a northwesterly wind flow and then as we move flu into tonight, we are talking mostly clear skies with light winds at 46. now, as that ridge of high pressure moves its way out, we will get a really nice southerly wind flow building on the back side of it to the west and that is what is going to boost our temperatures as we head through into the weekend. take a look that. jet stream will be well to the north of us. temperatures will start to
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climb. we'll head into the 70s and the 80s for the weekend. also, a fair amount of sunshine. we do have an upper level disturbance that will start to move in from the ohio valley. most of the areas close to the mason-dixon line have a chance of seeing a shower or maybe a rumble of thunder into the course of the weekend as that system pulls its way through into parts of pennsylvania. other than that, the weather will be nice into the weekend. five-day forecast, look at the temperature rise. 74 on saturday. then we jump almost 10 degrees on sunday for 83 degrees. even warmer as we start the week on monday at 85 degrees and then tuesday we have a system that could possibly bring us some showers or maybe even some thunderstorms. highs on tuesday will be 83 degrees. today is the day to get out and enjoy it and the weekend is looking great. not bad for a friday the 13th day. >> i'm agreeing with you. nothing is going to take away from the fact that it is friday the 13th. seeing that sunshine makes you forget all about t.
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on the roads, you will find lanes are open on 66 coming in from fair oaks. overnight construction cleared. our lanes are open once again. it looks pretty good right here at the american legion bridge. leaving 270 headed out to tyson's. inner loop of the beltway at speed leaving the toll road head back towards 270. no problems to report south on 270 right now leaving 109 out of hyattstown towards the truck scales. monitoring metro now, thank you, julie. get ready to shell out more cash to use mass transit ate metro committee has voted to raise bus, rail and parking fares. bus fares will go up 10 cents, parking a quart are and some rail trips by as much as 75 cents. the metro board will vote on the plan in two weeks. if the fare increases arrest proved, they would go into effect july 1st. -- are approved, they would go into effect july 1st. federal law restricts how tall buildings can be.
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the reason, to preserve the beauty of of the nation's capital but changes could be on the way. matt ackland explains. >> reporter: construction crane are everywhere in downtown d.c. from the roof of this condo building just off of massachusetts avenue, you can see more than a dozen. the problem, ground space is running out. the only place to go is up. >> eventually, we are going to have to move up. >> reporter: fred bates lives and sells property downtown. he sees no problem with lifting height restrictions. >> i think for right now, if we went up one or two levels, we'd have an automatic billion dollars worth of new real estate here in the city. we'd have additional tax revenue. we would have more people moving? >> but many believe the federal government did the right thing by restricting how high buildings can be. and now lifting those restrictions could ruin d.c.'s historic skyline. >> i would not change the height restrictions in the center city of washington. >> reporter: councilmember jack
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evans who represents much of downtown uses philadelphia as an example of what could go wrong. although there was never a law, evans says there was a gentleman's agreement never to build higher than the statue of william penn on the top of city hall. >> the first time they let the building do it, it protect the skyline and i think they made a mess out of things. >> reporter: but a spokesperson says skyscrapers in the core of the city is not the plan. maybe taller buildings across from the anacostia river, even on new york avenue, but not here along pep pen avenue. >> you look at new york city and how beautiful the park is and all the buildings surrounding it. i don't see why it would be any different here. >> reporter: matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> the mayor appears to have the support of the chairman of the house committee that has oversight of the district. in order to get the law amended, congress and the president have to agree and
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that may not be so easy. a heart-breaking loss for the washington caps. we were so hopeful this time yesterday. >> that's right. >> this happened in the opening game of the playoffs. highlights coming up next. >> it is the world's most secure prison. it holds the planet's deadliest criminals. it is impenetrable because it is not on earth. >> kind of scary. >> it is not on earth. >> the new movie starring guy pierce. he sat down with movie reviewer kevin mccarthy. that is coming up next. stay with us. çzo%
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a tough loss for the caps in the opening game of the playoffs. chris kelly scored the game- winning goal less than a main envelope into overtime. game two is tomorrow also in boston. the series moves to washington for games three and four on monday and thursday and that is when i predict we will smoke them. >> we did smoke somebody last night in baseball. the nats are offer to the best start since moving to washington. they beat the cincinnati reds in extra innings. ryan zimmerman scored on a wild pitch with two outs in the 10th inning to give the nats a 3-2 victory. the nationals are now 5-2 in the nl east. there you go. somebody got smoked. >> that is good.
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>> more winnings to come. in the future and as we just learned, not on earth the most dangerous criminals are sent to prisons in space. it is not a perfect plan actual cording to the new movie lockout, starring guy pierce, something happened. >> his character was sent to the space colony to rescue a vip and several things go wrong. that is why it's a movie. kevin mccarthy caught up with the actor. >> i get inside the maximum security nuthouse, get past the psychos, save the president's daughter if she is not dead already. i'm he thrill that you would think of me. >> you have the priority to save the president's daughter. let's say you had to go up into a ship and all of your previous caches were up there and you could only save one of those characters, who would be the priority character?
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>> that is an interesting question. i don't know, maybe houdini. get him back to present day. >> in the beginning, we find out your character is being falsely excused of something he didn't do. i feel like that makes people prejudge him. as an actor, when you are first came to hollywood, did you ever feel like you were prejudged based on something that maybe was not true and you had to prove yourself. >> i found hollywood a difficult place when i came here. there is a general feeling of a lot of competition. i was never a competitive kind of person. i thought if this can work, great. i feel like i got lucky. i didn't feel like i had to sort of -- i mean i had people saying ow, just because you're not like that character, you are such a great character and i was going really? not sure i believed people. >> your character is mean at times but he is likeable. i felt like i cared for him even though how much of a jerk he was at time to certain
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people. >> i think that it is important to sort of establish, even if we don't speak it b. it, but it is important to establish the history and kind of what kind of guy he is. and really then to sort of get a sense of the situation that he is in. clearly, he doesn't want to have to be in the situation. so in a way, i think that enables him to get away with a bit of bad behavior. i think the bad behavior is good too because it gives maggie somewhere to go with her character as far as going you need to change as a human being. you are just a disgusting human being. >> he is such a good actor. rent momento. >> i think i will. >> kevin joins us in studio next hour with his review of lockout and this week's other new movies including the three stooges. he will do that one too. >> when we come back, a mayor turned hero ahead in about 14 minutes. how one mayor risked his own wife to rescue a woman from a fire. >> coming up next, melanie is following one. our big stories. >> reporter: could fairfax
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county high school students finally start getting a little more sleep? i'll tell you what the school board had to say about it last night when we come back. oh... ♪ ♪
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we've got big positive things expected for today and
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the rest of the weekend. >> i still will not be splitting the pole with any of you today. >> i think it is just psychologically. >> of course, 13-s actually my lucky number. >> yes. >> my life always revolves around the number 13. >> that is interesting. >> we've got some sunshine for our believers today that this could be a very lucky day. at least that is some good news. we do also have some advisories and warnings to tell you about dealing with those temperatures dipping. frost advisory, that includes frederick, montgomery, loud occupy and fauquier counties. a freeze warning that includes allegheny, highland, grant, pendleton counties. these are in effect until 9:00 a.m. this morning. that temperature drop within these areas is going to affect any sensitive plants or vegetation you have outside. temperature-wise, we are at 47 degrees. 40degrees at bwi thurgood marshall airport. today, we are talking sunshine, light wind. it will be fairly mild.
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temperatures into the mid-60s pretty much everywhere. by about midday, we'll be about 69 degrees. as we move through into the weekend, things are looking absolutely fabulous for most of you. we've got not only more sunshine in the forecast but also a pretty significant temperature rise that i think that some of you may like. i say some of you because some people kind of like it cooler than warmer. >> slightly cooler but not a little. >> i would say i'm sold on it. thank you so much. >> time now to talk to julie wright. not a lot. we've got the lanes open if you are traveling southbound along 270 coming in out of hyattstown. all lanes are open looking good continuing in towards germantown. light traffic volume coming in out of i-70. no problems to report on 15 headed south out of frederick. construction cleared as you head eastward. that's a check of your fox 5
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on-time traffic. in the developments surrounding north korea's locket launch and a spectacular failure, it broke up only a minute after taking off. it is the second time in a row that north korea has failed in launching a rocket but experts say it is only a matter of time. >> the concern is is not that they would shoot them for the united states but they could sell them. they have sold every missile they've ever developed to the iranians, the pakistanis an others. >> the united states is denouncing the launch as a prohavingtive act. at the united nations meeting in new york, the security council is in emergency session this morning. parent in fairfax county say it is time if a change. they are calling on the cool board to implement the late are start time for high schoolers. melanie alnwick is live in marshal high school with the details. >> reporter: good morning. this debate has been going on
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here in fairfax county for some time. one side saying that teenagers in fairfax county simply aren't getting the sleep they need to perform well in the classroom, on the feel or even behind the wheel and now it does appear that they may be getting another chance to push back those high school start times. the school board here last night at marshall high school voted 10-2 to begin looking into what would it take to push those start times back so that they would start after 8:00 in the morning. most fairfax county high schools start at 7:20 in the morning. some bus pick-ups begin before 6:00 a.m. students, parents, educators and health professionals told the school board the schedule makes it impossible for students to get the sleep they need and this time the board is willing to take a closer look. >> when we did this three years ago, it was a concrete proposal as opposed to a theoretical goal, a lot of people saw it was going to cause a major disruption in their family lives and they weren't willing
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to do it. >> reporter: besides the disruption in the family life, some community members were also looking at the proposal in 2009 and said that it would cost too much money to change the bus schedules and to buy more buss that they would have to do in order to have all the schools starting after 8:00 in the morning. school board now has six members though who are new. they are reconsidering all of the information. it doesn't mean that this change is going to happen overnight though. the superintendent is going to have to begin a study looking at some of the other school systems in the area. are he will look at the information and see how they manage those later start times and report back to the school board in june. that is the latest from here in falls church. back to you. >> thank you. men from two different virginia gangs involved in two separate sex trafficking cases are pleading guilty. federal prosecutors say all three men admitted to
5:36 am
recruiting high school aged girls into prostitution. they say gangs are turning to teenaged sex trafficking to make money. feds are calling it a growing trend claiming that gangs see prostitution as a low-risk, high reward way to cash in. >> gangs are finding vulnerable young runaways. they are recruiting girls from metro stations or facebook. so the commodity that they are selling, the bodies of these yuck girls, they can find locally in this area. >> -- of these young girls, they can find locally in this area. >> one of those men faces life in prison. the other two are hoping for lesser sentences in return for fair cooperation. george zimmerman made his first court appearance in sanford, florida yesterday. he was accompanied by his new lawyer. he barely spoke during the hearing in which he was ordered held without bond. he is charged with second- degree murder.
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>> we felt it was the appropriate charge. as ms. corey said yesterday, we are seekers of the truth and seekers of justice. we looked at the evidence, applied the law and we thought that was appropriate. >> he is facing second-degree murder charges now. he is frightened. that would frighten any one of us. >> zimmerman is being held in protective custody because of the notoriety of the case. he will formally be arraigned may 29th. a mayor turned hero. that is coming up straight ahead. how one mayor risked his own life to rescue a woman from a fire. fire. right now, it is 5:37 on a friday morning. it is 47 degrees. we'll be right back. 
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the jetblue pilot accused of that midair melt downlast month has been indicted. witnesses say that clayton osbon ran through the cabin screaming about jesus and al- qaeda. opinions tackled him until the plane made an emergency landing. according to court papers, a grand jury indicted osbon on one count of interference of a flight crew. he is undergoing a court- ordered psych exam to determine
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if he was legally sane and can stand trial. historic talks on getting iran to give up its nukes. it kick off tomorrow. the united states and other world powers are meeting in the capital of turkey. iran is facing tough sanctions and is under threat of attack from israel. iran agreed to the talk but has used them in the past as a stalling tactic of sorts while it continues to develop its nuclear program. lawyers in the john edwards campaign finance trial are trying to pick a jury. former democratic vice presidential candidate is facing six criminal counts in north carolina for trying to hide secret payments from campaign donors and using the money to cover up his affair and love child. jury selection continues on monday. the mayor of newark, new jersey make a dram at you can rescue helping his neighbor escape from a fire. a spokeswoman says corey booker arrived home last night to find his next door neighbor's house in flames. booker and two of his security
5:42 am
guards rushed into the home to save the woman inside. booker and the woman were taken to the hospital. he was treated for smoke inhalation and released. no word yet on the condition of the neighbor. officials are still investigating what caused the fire. the grand reopening years in the making. it is straight ahead on fox 5 morning news. >> up next, we'll take to you last night's gala at the newly renovated howard theater. we are checking weather and traffic. stay with us. 
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welcome back. >> making a point with karen right off camera. all it looked like was i was looking crazy. >> we are back. welcome back. >> it is friday. >> it is friday. a little cool start in some of our neighborhoods though we've got plenty of sunshine for the affect. it is a great way to start your weekend. let's take a look at our maps and we'll show you what we're talking about. we have a frost advisory and freeze warning that. frost advisory includes frederick, montgomery county, loudoun and fauquier while the freeze warning includes allegheny, mineral, grant, hardy and both of these expire at 9:00 a.m. this morning. the problem is if you have any sensitive vegetation outside you need to protect it. they will be affected up fortunately.
5:46 am
here is a look at our temperatures right now. 36degrees at gaithersburg this hour. 40degrees at marshall. 51 in annapolis. 37 at dulles. at national, 47 degrees and 39 degrees at martinsburg. sky conditions not bad. a few high clouds out there. we have a ridge of high pressure that continues to dominate our weather pattern building in. it will slide its way across into the course of today. that will give us some sunshine. yesterday's highs, double 6s for national and dulles. today, we are going to be pretty close to that, not too far off the mark. we are talking sunshine at 65 degrees with light winds and as that ridge of high pressure moves its way out on the west side of it, we'll get a nice southerly wind flow. look at our temperatures for the weekend. we've got like a 10-degree jump as a result of the southerly winds. that will help to boost us up. plenty of sunshine in this
5:47 am
forecast. let's take a look at what happens the beginning of the week. we head up to 85 degrees. tuesday's forecast though could bring us a shower or rumble of thunder but overall, we are still not doing too bad into the course of the week. there is an upper level disturbance that will move from the ohio valley and move straight toward the mason-dixon line. some of our neighbors close to the mason-dixon line could see a sprinkle or two. overall, not looking bad for today or the weekend. on the roads, you will find lanes are open traveling south on 270. the volume is starting to increase south of 109 headed out towards the truck scales. traveling into downtown, c street blocked off in each direction near north carolina and 13th streets. that is due to an accident activity there at northeast. inbound new york avenue, good to go. no problems to report getting through the traffic light here at bladensburg road headed out two the third street tunnel. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic.
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>> thank you. we have some exciting news from our family to share with you. fox 5 news was honored with five regional edward r. murrow awards. >> at wards from the radio, television, digital news association include the prestigious award for overall excellence. fox 5 also won for best video feature reporting, best video news series, best newscast and best use of video. >> we want to congratulate everyone in the fox 5 newsroom for all their hard work and dedication. dication. it has taken 32 long years but the wait is finally over because the howard theater is back in business. fox 5's karen gray houston was at last night's gala. >> she ran into plenty of legends at the refurbished howard theater. theater.
5:49 am
>> reporter: nothing like a little al jarreau to get you in the mood identify fun evening. the venue, like nothing else on the east coast really. a big supper club, a little reminiscent of harlem's cotton club mixed with the old apollo. of course of course the action started with the glitz and glamour on the red -- excuse me, the purple carpet. sicker dionne warwick reflected on the old days. >> it was part of the circus. we always looked at it as the theater and a lot of people look at it as part of chitlings but none in there. >> reporter: barry gordy was honored. >> it was just so with us. they applauded. it was so great. >> reporter: he used to bring his whole motown
5:50 am
revue through here at a time when much of america was segregated. >> smoky robinson, my childhood idol. >> i love you. >> i had to put that in. >> i grew up in the theater. this is one of main theaters when i was growing up as a kid with the miracles and all that. so of a had some really wonderful times in this theater. >> reporter: and then there was the cos. >> you are going to find that people will be coming from all over the world to visit this theater and it will mean an awful lot to the city. >> kind of like you going back to ben's chili bowl? have you been there? >> follow me. >> ill afollow you -- i'll follow you anywhere. thank you, sir. >> we were joking before.
5:51 am
and that was diane reeves with al jarreau singing earlier. >> marvin gay's baby sister will join us live in our 8:00 hour. she has a new book called my brother marvin. very intimate details about growing up with her legendary brother and gets into interesting conversation, no holds barred. in the book, she says i hope you still love marvin after this and the answer is yes, of course we do. >> that is coming up in the 8:00 hour. >> we'll talk about sports. the nats are off to their best start since moving to d.c. >> it was a great home opener. we'll take a look back and hear from a few fans. stay with us. ♪
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♪ you're ththank you, sweetie. oh... ♪
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the nationals are off to the best start since moving to washington. they beat the cincinnati reds in extra innings before a sellout crowd in their home opener. ryan zimmer map scored on a wild pitch with two outs in the 10th inning to give the nats the 3-2 victory. the nationals are now 5-2 and in first mace in the nl east. >> the home opener was picture perfect for the nats and their fans.
5:55 am
fox 5's lindsay murphy has more. more. >> reporter: thousands of people, a ton of foot traffic and red, white and blue. it can only mean one thing. the nationals home opener. ♪ take me out to the ball game &&. >> the nats home opener. ♪ take me out to the crowd &&. >> i didn't think it would be this cold but we're prepared. >> reporter: not every day you go to the ballpark and meet a rapper. this could get you places. where else is it acceptable to have a food fight in public. the nats home ore. let's do t come on, you got to get in. oh, my gosh, air like 0-7. ♪ i don't care if i never get back. ♪ root, root, root for the
5:56 am
home team. >> reporter: what excites you most about this home team? so much excitement around them? >> the pitching. the fact that we got five strong starters and an outstanding bullpen. i'm just very excited. >> if they don't win, it is a shame. >> it's special day. it is a special event and something hopefully he will remember for the rest of his life. life. & because it's one, two, three strikes you're out at the old ball game &&. >> plenty still ahead. >> but first, before we go, it is time to say good morning to our facebook fan. day. christina writes that she wakes up every morning at 2:00 a.m. to see if she's been picked for the fan of the day.
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now, she has been since she listens and watches us when we come on at 4:25. after today, you can get some sheep because you're it. >> we had a number of people who posted about their birthdays either yesterday, today or this weekend. we can't make all of you fan of the day. we appreciate you. here is a shout out to all of you. you. make it a great day. 
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